Pandora's Box Productions will be presenting “Sibling Rivalry” written and directed by Nikki Summons. Auditions will take place online via Zoom on Saturday, December 12, 2020 at 5:30pm-7:30pm EST. If you are not able to make it to auditions, online submissions can be submitted. Submissions must be sent no later than 7:30pm EST by 12/12/2020. Please see below for more information on auditions or contact us at

Audition Zoom Link:

Break a leg! 

Character Description

Charles: African American male, 35-40, eldest of the siblings, authoritative but only because he feels a heavy sense of responsibility charged to him by their Father. He is a full-blood sibling with Darius and only a half-blood sibling with the twins, Jerome and Kayla.


Jerome: Biracial male (African American and Caucasian), early 20’s, twins with Kayla, knowledgeable but mischievous, always pushing his siblings’ buttons.


Kayla: Biracial female (African American and Caucasian), Jerome’s twin so early 20’s, thinks she knows a lot more than she actually does, loves her brothers fiercely, pushes Jerome’s buttons; the two fight like cats and dogs.


Darius: African American male, 19, youngest of the siblings, reserved but brilliant, empathic and feels things deeply, when emotions overcome him, he erupts.


Video Submission Instructions

Please follow the steps listed below after recording your video audition. 

1. When saving your video please be sure to use the following format: 

Last Name__First Name__Character Audition Example: Miles__Joe__Darius

2. Please go to

3. Bypass the page that is asking you to sign up by clicking "no thanks" 

4. On the left side of the page please fill in the information: Email To, Your Email, Message. In the email to please put the following email address:

5.You will receive a confirmation from We Transfer stating that your video was sent.