Pandora’s Box is in search of an ensemble of five for a production of Jon Robin Baitz’s Other Desert Cities in Woodbridge, VA. All five roles are open. Individuals of all races, ages, and genders are encouraged to audition.

Auditions for “Other Desert Cities“ by Pandora’s Box will be held virtually. Auditions will be accepted from now until July 16. If you are interested, you are encouraged to submit a 45-60 second filmed dramatic contemporary monologue and fill out the audition form. Please send both the form and the video to Odcpandorasbox@gmail.com

In-person callbacks will be held on July 18 in Woodbridge, VA by invitation only.

Resumes and headshots will be accepted, but are not required. The production team is interested in performers of all levels of interest and experience. 


Rehearsals will be Tuesday nights from 7-10PM and Saturdays from 9AM-1PM beginning August 8. Please be prepared to list any availability conflicts over this time period on your audition form. Pandora’s Box is a non-profit theater and does not compensate actors. 

Show Dates 

October 14th @ 7:30p

October 15th @ 1:30p & 7:30p

Ferlazzo Building 

Woodbridge, VA

For further information: Email Director, Steve Kite, at Sekite113@gmail.com

Other Desert Cities Plot Summary

It’s December 2004 and Brooke Wyeth returns home to Palm Springs after a six year absence to celebrate Christmas with her parents, her brother, and her aunt. Brooke announces that she is about to publish a memoir dredging up a pivotal and tragic event in the family's history – a wound they don't want reopened. In effect, she draws a line in the sand and dares them all to cross it.

Every character is smart, quick-witted, and deeply flawed. The parents are wealthy, well-connected Republican activists and friends of the Reagans. Lyman Wyeth, an actor known for his death scenes, has been state GOP chair. Polly, his wife and ferocious protector, is a forceful practitioner of tough love – with her children as well as her liberal alcoholic sister and former screenwriting partner, Silda, now recovering from her latest round of rehab.

Lefty daughter Brooke is a novelist who's been going through a rough patch of writer's block and a breakdown that involved a long hospital stint. She's home for the holidays, as is her younger brother, apolitical TV producer Trip. And she's brought her manuscript, snapped up by Knopf, which tells the story of her beloved older brother's involvement in the fatal Vietnam War-era bombing of a military recruitment center, his suicide, and their parents' responsibility for his actions.

Lyman Wyeth: (Late 50’s to late 60’s): Kind and gentle patriarch. A Hollywood B-movie actor with some celebrity and charm who turned that into political influence. He is conservative, but with a sense of humor about himself and a deep love for his family. “He is sturdy in the way of old Californians of a particular type.” (Baitz)

Polly Wyeth: (Late 50’s to late 60’s) Lyman’s wife. Graceful and acerbic matriarch. She has been active for decades in the Republican Party. She is deeply devoted to the preservation of her social standing, her family and the health of her husband. “Elegant and forthright and whip-smart.” (Baitz)

Brooke Wyeth: (Mid 30’s to 40’s) Lyman and Polly’s adult daughter. She is a professional writer who has been living in New York after a mental breakdown. Her tortured relationship with her family has centered on her opposing liberal political views. “An attractive and dry woman.” (Baitz)

Trip Wyeth: (Late 20’s to mid 30’s) Brooke’s brother. Witty and self-effacing. He is a TV producer for reality TV – in a family obsessed with his intellectual, older sister’s mental health. He assumes the role of second banana with grace. “A bright, funny man.” (Baitz)

Silda Grauman: (late 50’s to early 70’s) Polly’s sister. Creative, fragile, and funny. A former B-movie writer, and the Bohemian polar opposite of her sister. She is fresh out of rehab and repays the support of the conservative Wyeths by joining Brooke in some liberal needling of her parents. “A mess. No makeup, hair disheveled. She wears a muumuu and carries a pill case marked with the days of the week.” (Baitz)

For any questions please feel free to reach out to us via email at pbpvainfo@gmail.com